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It must be simple and inexpensive to send letters. That is why 21grams exists. In the wake of postal market deregulation, there are excellent opportunities for influencing postage costs.

There are currently more than 20 postal services in the Nordic region. Some of the more familiar names are PostNord, Bring and Posti. However, the old monopolies face new competition, and more and more companies are seizing the opportunities for diversity created by new challengers, such as Norpost, Morgonpost, Bladkompagniet and JYK.

There is a great deal of money to be made by taking advantage of this new competitive situation. In all aspects of the business, from discounts to lead times, content, format and volumes. And much more besides, which we’ve taken into account in our optimisation services. We use world-leading, award-winning technology to provide you with access to the best possible postage charges, based on your specific requirements. Furthermore, 21grams’ considerable purchase volumes often enable us to offer negotiated discounts from postal operators, which benefit you as a customer. 21grams is, quite simply, the way to simpler and cheaper postage.

Postage optimization

Sending letters can prove expensive. But how expensive is it, exactly? Is it really possible to make a difference to postage costs? Ask 21grams and you are likely to be pleasantly surprised by the answer.

Domestic postage

Stronger together. Through 21grams you can collectively purchase postage and benefit from larger discounts than you might get on your own.

International postage

Even if cross-border mail accounts for only a small percentage of your mailings, there are still considerable savings to be made. What is more, there are a number of alternatives to PostNord.

C/O – Simple administration

Do you find reading a postage invoice both tedious and somewhat tricky? Do you have difficulty getting the costs to tally with quoted prices or with the mail volumes your business systems have generated? Then you are not alone.

Office post

Send deliveries of various formats and weights directly from your office for 10% less than PostNord’s price. We collect and you avoid weighing, calculating and franking.


 With iSort you are guaranteed reduced postage costs. This is world-leading technology that saves you money every time, whether you send letters, invoices, pension statements or account statements.


Efficient production-focused sorting and a streamlined, functional address processing system. All in one.


Price optimize and send e-commerce packets worldwide. One system for booking, pick-up and distribution of packets via registered postal distributors.

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