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Internet banking, digital mailboxes, or mobile payment notifications? More and more people are choosing to receive their mail through various digital channels, and the options are constantly growing.

So, how should you communicate with your customers? The simple answer: let the customers decide. Regardless of their choice, we can assist you with efficient and cost-conscious distribution of your mailings.

Physical mail

Physical mail combined with your digital communications – we handle it all. We transform your messages into easily readable documents and ensure they reach your customers, no matter where they are located in the Nordic region.

E-invoice consumer

Let your customers receive and pay their invoices directly in the internet bank. We create and distribute e-invoices to banks within Sweden, as well as to Norway and Finland.


Fed up with looking through piles of invoices when a customer calls? Or perhaps archives just take up too much space and are time-consuming? Then why not consider using 21 Grams’ state-of-the-art E-archive solution?


On 4th February 1994 Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt e-mailed American President Bill Clinton. This was the first time that two heads of government had communicated digitally. Today, several million e-mails are sent every second.

Digital mailbox

The concept of digital mailboxes has been around since the turn of the millennium, but consumer demand has only recently taken off, driven by greater access to smartphones and the introduction of simple identification solutions, among other factors. 21 Grams has been delivering this growing distribution channel for more than five years now.

Addoro – Self service

Are you curious about one or more elements of our multichannel solution iMail? Are you perhaps already an experienced and loyal user? Whichever it may be, you may have overlooked the chance to administer and control your entire invoice flow. If you have, then Addoro from 21 Grams is a wise choice..

PEPPOL & Svefaktura

Electronic invoicing for companies and the public sector is growing. And changing. We help you to choose the right way forward, whether your motivation is due to legal requirements, real customer demand or if you’re simply looking for a simpler, more efficient billing solution


A fully-accepted channel for receiving messages from both official bodies and companies where you can control to the second when customers will receive your communications.

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