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Send e-invoices to your private customers.

We create and distribute your e-invoices. E-invoicing is currently the most common method of invoice payments for consumers.

21grams is a CTD, certified technical distributor, of e-invoices. E-invoice volumes continue to steadily grow each year, and the payment method is requested by the recipients.

21grams produces and distributes your e-invoices to your customers’ banks, whether your recipients are consumers or businesses. If you have customers outside Sweden, we can create and send e-invoices to internet banks in Norway and Finland in the same invoice flow.

21grams produces almost every third e-invoice to Swedish internet banks.

You can always combine e-invoicing with one or more of our other digital services and, of course, also let us produce and distribute your physical letters. Together with you, we develop a digitalization plan based on both your business strategy and your customers’ demands.

If you are looking for solutions for electronic invoicing to businesses and the public sector via PEPPOL and other B2B formats, click here.



Three good reasons to choose 21grams

Simple. You get one single provider that handles all desired communication channels to reach your customers.

Efficient. Distributing e-invoices directly into Swedish internet banks is efficient for both you and your customer.

A modern platform. 21grams’ platform for e-invoices to consumers is completely automated and extremely robust. It’s a cost-effective, comprehensive, fast, and secure service.

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