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Simpler payments

There are still a lot of recipients who prefers paper invoices. Others have discovered the digital way of receiving post and making simple payments. Either way 21grams can help you offer a variety of payment methods.

When you allow us to optimize, payments go faster and you get better cash flow and control. We offer both automated and cost-effective distribution of e-Invoice to Internet banks and the possibility to pay with Swish via paper invoice, e-mail box and e-mail.

Swish QR-Code

Whether your mail-outs are physical or digital, you can provide them with a QR code for Swish and give your customers a simpler way to pay.

Mobile payment

The customer receives an SMS or e-mail with a link to a dynamic landing page, where the customer can see the invoice and pay immediately with Swish.

Paper invoice

A lot of people still prefer to receive a paper invoice with payment stub for bankgiro and plusgiro. Of course, you can combine physical mail with digital, and let the customers decide how they want to get their post.


With an e-invoice, the customer receives the invoice directly in their Internet bank. We are a certified technical distributor (CTD) and can send e-invoices to internet banks and companies throughout the Nordic region.

Digital mailbox

With a digital mailbox, such as Kivra, the customer can both receive and pay invoices in the same place. Safe and environmentally-friendly.

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