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Very few mobile services have had as much impact on our everyday lives as Swish. And in combination with a QR code, it can be used for a lot more than just sending money between individuals.

Consumer demands for real-time payments are increasing due to Swish becoming one of Sweden’s most popular payment methods. Why shouldn’t it be as easy to pay an invoice as it is to swish money to a friend or a sibling? That’s why the idea of Swish QR codes came about.

The QR codes contain the same unique information as traditional transfers via plusgiro or bankgiro and the money is in the recipient’s account immediately. Without the need to manually type in a single digit.

“It should be as easy to pay an invoice as it is to swish money to a friend.”

Put a QR code on a paper invoice and the path to payment gets significantly shorter. The recipient opens the Swish app on their phone, scans the code and approves the payment via mobile BankId.

In other words, it is a service that significantly lowers the threshold for payments and is used today, among others, by debt collection companies and fundraising organisations. But Swish QR codes fit a lot of other situations. Paying for something should be simple, quick, and frictionless.

Do you think Swish QR codes sound like an interesting solution for you and your company? Don’t think twice about contacting 21grams – we’ll be happy to give you more examples of how the combination of Swish and QR codes can simplify your payments.

We don’t just have the technology and the channels but also the insights and skills on the best ways for you to communicate with your customers and reach the best possible conversion.

Three good reasons to choose 21grams

Simple. The recipient is contacted via an established channel and can act immediately, using their mobile.

Quick. The transaction takes place in real time and appears immediately in the recipient’s account. In other words, it’s optimal in terms of cash-flow.

Secure. Every QR code is unique and contains the same unique information as a bank transfer.

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