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About us

Read more about the company, how we started and what we do today.

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About our group

Since January 2021, 21grams is a part of Unifiedpost Group

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Meet the management group, here they are! A group with extensive experience from creating, distributing and developing communication.

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Read more about how it all started and what has happened until now.

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Here you will find our press releases. If you need press images from the business or the management team, the board or other key people, please contact our press contact Stefan Blomqvist.

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Privacy policy

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Whistleblower Directive

This directive aims to facilitate reporting of malpractice and to protect the whistleblowers from retaliation. Since 21grams and Unifiedpost is committed to the highest standards of openness, integrity and accountability, we have created an environment which allows its employees and external stakeholders to address misconduct.

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