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About the company

We love challenges. With challenges come opportunities. Both big and small. In the wake of postal market deregulation in Sweden, a new market was born. A market that 21 Grams joined back in 2004 and one that we want to remain active in and influence well into the future. When we established the company, the ability to offer cheap postage was a fundamental aspect of our business. Today, we are as much a technology company as a reliable and cost-effective distributor of physical mail.

The right information to the right place

We have accompanied our customers into the digital world, while remaining a leading figure in the distribution of physical mail. This means that we can offer smart, hassle-free communication, irrespective of the channel, enabling you to reach your customers by sending the right information to the right place using the customer’s preferred method of contact. Physically and digitally throughout the Nordic region.

We handle every other letter

Every other letter in Sweden has been handled by 21 Grams through one of our services. We have accepted the challenge of continued expansion both in Sweden and in the rest of the Nordic region, but without relinquishing our soul and our close relationship with our customers and clients. 21 Grams is not just the historic weight limit for the lowest letter postage, but also the weight of the human soul.

Our reward is satisfied customers

Through the years received a number of other awards. The finest prize in our eyes, however, is that many of our customers have been with us from the start and continue to support us as we enter the next stage of our evolution. Our growth though will not impede our ability to challenge others and rise through a market that is relatively new, considering that the previous one was a monopoly.

It must pay to use our services

Achieving cost-effective communication is a perpetual challenge for us. How can we help you to optimise your distribution structure? How can we deliver everything you need, from efficient customer data management to serving as a sounding board when you have to choose the best e-service for your business? Using 21 Grams must be profitable, whether you are looking to reduce postage costs or streamline distribution processes.

We offer a broad network of various distributors, both domestic and international, physical and digital. Our customers include Google, Viasat, the Swedish Tax Agency, Länsförsäkringar and Shell.

Since January 2021, 21grams is a part of Unifiedpost Group. Unifiedpost Group aim to become the leading cloud-based platform for SME business services for Documents, Identity and Payments.

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