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We’re certainly far from a paperless society.  But more and more of us are choosing to receive invoices digitally. 21grams sends millions of e-invoices per year to the Swedish Internet banks. And this will only increase.

There are still a number of us who want to receive invoices via the physical letterbox. But e-invoicing is an established and ever-growing communication channel now, and there’s an increasing demand from recipients.

You can reach out to 21grams for help with distributing e-invoices, whether your recipients are private individuals or companies. We are a so-called CTD, certified technical distributor in Sweden and can send e-invoices to internet banks throughout the Nordic region.

“21grams sends millions of e-invoices per year to the Swedish Internet banks”

In addition to e-invoice distribution to internet banks, 21grams also delivers e-invoices to companies via operators in the most widely-known formats, such as Svefaktura, Finvoice and EHF.

21grams offer a unique combination of experience, expertise and channels, where we find the best solution for your organisation with you, and last but not least, find which distribution channel is most suitable for your particular post. You can always count on fast and efficient support, and no more than one contact interface is needed, no matter which portfolio of products and services you need.

Three good reasons to choose 21grams

Simple. There is as lot to be gained from having a supplier that manages all the communication channels to your recipients

Automated. All management is automated, which means we can offer a cost-effective, complete, fast and secure service.

Effective. Sending e-invoices directly to Swedish internet bank accounts is effective for both you and the customer. It’s safer and more cost-effective compared to other distribution channels. It’s also a solution that makes it

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