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Reach your customers where they want to receive your communication.

Today, more than half of the Swedish population is connected to a digital mailbox. Whether it’s Kivra, Billo, Fortnox Företagsbrevlåda or the Norwegian Digipost that you and your customers prefer, 21grams can assist you.

Our communication and invoice distribution systems are seamlessly integrated with digital mailboxes, ensuring that you can reach your customers regardless of their choice. More and more people want their mail collected digitally, whether it’s payroll statements, appointment notifications, insurance letters, invoices or other important communication.

Digital mailboxes have become a standard component in our channel offerings.

We are channel-agnostic and can provide you with objective advice on how to implement a new channel. Often, we start by comparing your customer database with the recipient database of digital mailboxes to determine if your customers are using them.

You can also offer your customers the option to make payments directly within the digital mailbox, a feature that is increasingly in demand. With just a few clicks and BankID identification, payment becomes easy for your customers.

You can always combine digital mailboxes with our other digital services and, of course, let us produce and distribute your physical mail. Together, we’ll develop a digitalization plan based on your business strategy and your customers’ demands

Three good reasons to choose 21grams

Digitalization. Adding digital mailboxes to your communication channels rapidly increases your level of digitalization.

Channel-independent. 21grams is channel-agnostic and provides you with the advice you need to choose the right channel for the right document and at the right time.

Environmentally friendly. Sending letters digitally consumes fewer of the earth’s resources.

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