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The concept of digital mailboxes has been around since the turn of the millennium, but consumer demand has only recently taken off, driven by greater access to smartphones and the introduction of simple identification solutions, among other factors. 21 Grams has been delivering this growing distribution channel for more than five years now.

Another factor contributing to the increased use of digital mailboxes is a growing desire among government agencies and other public organisations to embrace digital channels, and in so doing reduce the amount of physical mail they produce.

In Sweden, one in every ten people now has a digital mailbox. 21 Grams has worked closely for a number of years with Kivra, which currently has most connected private individuals. Whether it is the Swedish Tax Agency’s Mina meddelanden (My messages) service, Digipost, Digimail, NetPosti, eBoks or Kivra that you and your customers want to use, 21 Grams can help. Our first digital mailbox integration took place more than five years ago.

”Today one in every ten people in Sweden has a digital mailbox and can receive mail digitally.”

Why not integrate your systems with ours and make a digital mailbox a significant element of your customer communication platform?

Within the framework of our iMail concept, it is possible to combine a number of our services. In addition to Digital mailbox, there is also E-invoice, E-mail, E-archive and Physical mail.

Four excellent reasons for choosing 21 Grams

Secure. Sending mail to a digital mailbox is as secure as sending it to an online banking service.

Inexpensive. Digital mail distribution is cost-effective.

Efficient. Opting to integrate your systems with ours makes the Digital mailbox service another exciting communications channel that you can offer your customers.

Eco-friendly. Sending mail digitally uses less of the earth’s resources.

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