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Paper invoice

Contrary to popular belief, the paper invoice is not dead and buried. A physical letter stands out from the crowd and a lot of people still want to receive important post through their own letterbox.

More and more people are choosing to receive official mail and bills via their digital mailboxes. The e-invoice is gaining ground and, thanks to the swish app’s arrival on everyone’s phone, a growing number of people prefer mobile payment. And the advantage of the latter is that it goes well with a traditional paper invoice.

“With a QR code printed on a paper invoice you get the best of both worlds”

Even now, some of us prefer receiving important information via our own letterbox. And besides, a physical letter stands out among the digital noise. Maybe you want to use the invoice as a conveyor for other important information or as a marketing channel? With a QR code printed on a paper invoice you can get the best of both worlds. A traditional distribution channel and a modern payment method.

Thanks to the codes, private individuals can use Swish for business transactions. The QR codes contain the same unique information as bank transfers do, but they allow the recipient to pay the invoice with Swish.

Our specialists would love to explain you how integrating Swish provides the same security as an OCR reference. 21grams sends every second physical letter sent in Sweden, and with us you get access to a unique combination of experience, skills, channels and services.

You can always count on quick and effective support. No more than one contact interface is required, whether you’re only interested in sending physical letters such as paper invoices, or if you want some parts of your distribution to be done digitally.

Three good reasons to choose 21grams

Intelligent. You can take advantage of a traditional channel at the same time as offering the option to make payment in real time via the QR code.

Effective. The recipient can take advantage of momentum. Payment takes place immediately instead of being delayed until later or not even happening at all.

Economical. The money comes into the account immediately, which has a positive effect on cash-flow.

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