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More and more companies are demanding e-invoices from their suppliers, and since April 2019, it’s a legal requirements for purchasing in the public sector. 21grams helps you to meet those requirements, but without losing focus on overall cost-effectivity.

We produce and distribute e-invoices through certified PEPPOL access points as well as interconnection operators in order to achieve maximum reach, in terms of recipients who are able to receive e-invoices in Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia.

“Meet legal and market requirements, but without losing focus on overall cost-effectivity”

Unlike a lot of other players on the market, we look at the big picture from an objective, channel-independent point of view. Therefore, within our offer of digitalising your post, you can always choose to combine e-invoices with one or more of our other digital services, and also let us produce and distribute your physical post. We develop a digitalization plan with you, based on both your own business strategy and your customer demand.

Three reasons to choose 21grams

Simpler. You join, we take care of the rest. We keep track of upgrades and regulations, and regardless of which formats are used, we ensure that you and your customers can communicate with each other.

Balanced. Just meeting legal and market requirements for e-invoices, shouldn’t mean you should lose focus on or pay high prices for other distribution channels.

Cheaper. All digitalisation reduces the costs of paper, envelopes, and postage. Over time, this leads to big savings.


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