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Fed up with looking through piles of invoices when a customer calls? Or perhaps archives just take up too much space and are time-consuming? Then why not consider using 21 Grams’ state-of-the-art E-archive solution?

While it’s true that the requirement to keep accounting records has been reduced from ten to seven years, maintaining an efficient, secure and easily accessible archive can still be quite demanding. Particularly if you require regular access to invoices and other documents. 21 Grams’ E-archive solution enables you to comply with the requirements of the Swedish Bookkeeping Act, while also guaranteeing structure and secure storage. When we create an invoice, irrespective of the channel, we save a copy to our E-archive.

”You can access the archive easily through your computer, smartphone or tablet.”

You can access the archive easily through your computer, smartphone or tablet. The design is responsive, i.e. adapted to your screen, and you can quickly check how the invoice has been distributed, physically or digitally. We can send you an archive file or you can search directly in the system once you have logged in. You decide which search terms you want to use. Your outsourced customer service function can also be given access to the archive.

We have extensive experience of e-archiving and have, in partnership with our customers, refined the service, improving its security, API integration and flexibility as regards company and document type management.

Within the framework of our iMail concept, it is possible to combine a number of our services. In addition to E-archive, E-mail and Digital mailbox, there is also E-invoice and Physical mail.

Three excellent reasons for choosing 21 Grams

Accessible. The platform-independent, web-based E-archive service enables you to locate a customer invoice quickly and easily.

Flexible. An archive file is sent directly to you or you can search the archive for an invoice. Or you can arrange for your business system to talk to 21 Grams’ system. You decide.

Quick. Customers requesting a copy of an invoice don’t have to wait for it to be sent out.

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