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An easily accessible archive for your customer documents.

Store all your digital customer documents, such as invoices and other records, in your own e-archive. Easily accessible according to your preferences for customer service, finance or other departments that need quick digital access to the documents.

Creating and establishing an efficient, secure and easily accessible archive can be quite demanding, especially if you require continuous access to invoices or other customer documents. Let us help you create an e-archive, entirely according to your preferences on what you want to store and for how long.

You choose what to store and how your e-archive should be searchable. It can include invoices, contracts, delivery notes or other essential customer documents.

You can access the archive through a modern web interface or integrate it via an API if you prefer working in your own IT platform. You can also choose to store additional information, such as how a particular invoice has been distributed, physically or digitally through various channels. Of course, we meet all requirements for storage and archiving in terms of security and accounting regulations.

If you want to learn more about how we can create your e-archive, contact us at 21grams. We are also happy to tell you more about how you can combine it with more of our services, such as e-invoicing, physical mail, email and digital mailboxes.

Three good reasons to choose 21grams

Accessible. The e-archive is platform-independent and web-based. You can quickly and easily find an invoice or document that has been sent to your customer.

Flexible. Integrate your existing systems via API for access to the archive – or work with a modern web interface that we set up for you.

Secure. You specify the rules for which of your internal departments should have access to the e-archive in order to retrieve the important customer information.

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