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Never before have there been so many ways to communicate with one another. However, despite the rapid growth of digitisation, physical mail has not yet had its day. Quite the reverse, in fact. That is why 21 Grams exists.

It is becoming increasingly common to receive invoices and advice notes through digital means. Many of us, however, still prefer to receive important information through the post. For that reason, physical mail is the most popular choice by far for this type of communication.

Every other letter sent in Sweden is handled by 21 Grams, and we are the ideal partner when you are looking for simple, flexible and smart production and distribution of physical mail in the Nordic region.

You can always count on rapid and efficient support, and thanks to integration you only ever need one interface, whether you are interested solely in sending physical mail or want elements of the distribution to be digital.

”Every other letter in Sweden has been sorted using 21 Grams’ software.”

Within the framework of our iMail concept, you can combine our various services (Physical mail, E-invoice, E-archive, E-mail and Digital mailbox) to suit your needs and those of your customers.

Four excellent reasons for choosing 21 Grams

Simple. Whether you are sending a raw data file or a PDF, we can convert it to an attractive, easy-to-read document.

Quick. The day after we receive the documents, the letters reach your customers, no matter where in the Nordic region they are.

Flexible. Mail consolidation, enclosures, dynamic perforation and other additional services are never a problem. We print in colour or black and white, on one side or two. You decide.

Smart. You pay a fixed price per letter that covers postage, paper, envelopes, printing and envelope insertion. There are no initial fees or other hidden costs. The price reflects your specific requirements.

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