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Physical mail

We produce and send out your physical letters.

Let us produce and send out your physical letters. There have never been more ways to communicate than there are now. But even though the digitalization continues to increase, the physical letter has not lost its relevance. On the contrary. That’s why 21grams exists.

Most invoices and statements are sent digitally today. However, not everyone has made the transition yet. There are still many people out there who prefer physical mail, and some who may not have the possibility to receive their mail digitally. In such cases, paper letters to physical mailboxes are still necessary. We help you to combine your digital communications with physical letters. With 21grams, you only need one provider for the whole process.

At 21grams, we offer services for the entire physical letter flow, from printing and sorting to addressing, enveloping, postage and distribution. It’s about smart and local production and distribution of physical letters throughout the Nordic region.

We manage your physical letters combined with your digital communication.

We provide fast and efficient support, and you only need one integration, regardless of whether your communications are to be distributed physically or digitally.

Within our offer for postal digitalization services, you can combine physical letters with several other services such as e-invoicing, e-archiving, email, and digital mailboxes, in a way that suits you and your customers best.

Three good reasons to choose 21grams

Simple. We transform your message, whether it’s a raw data file or a PDF, into an attractive and easy-to-read document.

Flexible. Enveloping, attachments, perforation or other additional services are not a problem. We print in color or black and white, on one or both sides. You decide.

Smart. You pay a fixed price per letter which includes postage, paper, envelopes, printing and enveloping. There are no setup fees or hidden costs. The price is based on your specific requirements.

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