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A digital platform for invoices, documents and marketing.

Addoro is a cloud-based service where you can design, manage and distribute communication to your customers. With this service, you can personally manage and control your invoice workflows or other communication.

Nowadays, almost all Swedes pay their bills through online banking, often using their mobile phones. While a few still prefer physical letters, most want their invoices as e-invoices or through digital mailboxes like Kivra or via email. In Addoro, you can easily customize your mailings to reach your customers in the way they prefer.

We assist you in setting up rules in Addoro that govern how your mailings should be distributed. This is managed in a cloud-based and fully automated workflow that you manage yourself, giving you excellent control and oversight.

With Addoro, you can reach customers through all digital channels using a cloud-based and fully automated process.

You can easily connect Addoro to the business systems, HR systems, CRM systems or similar tools you use and create designed documents using templates tailored to your brand. This applies to your invoices and demand letters, as well as customer letters and direct marketing or similar content. With Addoro, you keep track of your mailings, receive feedback down to each document level, and can generate statistics to gradually optimize your delivery processes.

Like all cloud-based services, you can access Addoro from anywhere, whether it’s your computer, phone or tablet.

You can of course combine Addoro with several of our services, including e-invoicing and physical mail, but also e-mail, digital mailboxes and e-archive. And if you prefer to leave the administration to us, that’s perfectly fine too. You decide what suits you and your company best.

Three good reasons to choose 21grams

User-friendly. A flexible and self-instructive interface that can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Accessible. You can access the cloud-based service from anywhere via a computer, tablet or phone around the clock.

Efficient. You integrate your entire distribution process into a fully automated flow tailored to your needs, independent of channels.

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