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Are you curious about one or more elements of our multichannel solution iMail? Are you perhaps already an experienced and loyal user? Whichever it may be, you may have overlooked the chance to administer and control your entire invoice flow. If you have, then Addoro from 21 Grams is a wise choice.

Almost everyone in Sweden now pays their bills through online banking services, often with the help of a mobile. More and more people are eschewing physical mail in favour of e-invoices, which can be sent to digital mailboxes, such as Kivra, or by e-mail. That does not mean, however, that there are fewer communication channels out there; rather, the reverse is true.

21 Grams is therefore the ideal partner; not just because we can offer a number of these services, but also because we offer flexibility. Together, we establish a specific set of rules that govern the efficient interaction of these services. Perhaps best of all, thanks to Addoro, you can link the various elements to a single fully automated, cloud-based flow that you yourself administer.

“With the help of Addoro, you can link our various digital channels to a single fully automated, cloud-based flow.”

Addoro connects easily to your preferred business system, HR system, CRM system or similar, enabling you to create attractive documents using complete templates adapted for your profile. This solution can be used for invoices, reminders, customer letters, direct marketing and similar items. Addoro helps you to keep track of your mailings and get feedback down to document level. You can also produce statistics and both follow and gradually optimise your delivery flows.

Like all cloud-based services, you can access Addoro anywhere, from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Within the framework of Addoro, it is possible to combine a number of our services, such as E-invoice, Physical mail, E-mail, Digital mailbox and E-archive. If you prefer administrative responsibility to remain with 21 Grams, we are happy to oblige. You decide what works best for you and your company.

Three excellent reasons for choosing 21 Grams

User-friendly. A flexible and intuitive interface that can be adapted to your specific needs.

Accessible. You can access this cloud-based service anywhere, 24 hours a day, through your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Efficient. You can link your entire distribution process in a fully automated flow that is tailored to reflect your needs, whatever the channel.

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