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Office mail

We collect your mail, weigh, count, frank and distribute it with chosen distributors. At a lower price.

This service gives you the opportunity to have your office mail picked up and have it delivered to it’s final destination. You don’t even have to weigh, count or stamp it. At a significantly lower price than you pay today.

Many companies still buy their postage at list prices. If you choose Office mail via 21grams, you can get a price that is ten percent lower than PostNord.

Regardless of how you have chosen to handle your outgoing mail today, you can easily and at any time switch to our Office mail service.

Call us today and we can start picking up your office mail as early as tomorrow.

Office mail can vary in format, weight and packaging. All types of letters can be sent as office mail, from invoices to catalogs and product items, regardless of whether the recipient is in Sweden or internationally.

Our offer to optimize postage also includes foreign postage, domestic postage and postage optimization.

Three reasons to choose 21grams

Cheaper. You can get at least ten percent lower prices on domestic mail and five percent on international mail, compared to PostNord.

Smoother. We pick up your mail where you want and make sure it is delivered to the right place.

Time-saving. You don’t have to spend any time sorting, weighing or franking your letters. We take care of it for you.

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