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International postage

Even if cross-border mail accounts for only a small percentage of your mailings, there are still considerable savings to be made. What is more, there are a number of alternatives to PostNord.

It is not only on the domestic market that the Swedish postal service faces competition. Nowadays there are a number of international postal operators that carry mail from Sweden around the world. 21 Grams has agreements with several of these operators. This means that we can offer lower international postage than you pay at present.

”In some cases you could save as much as 70 per cent.”

In some cases you could save as much as 70 per cent, depending on the item’s country of delivery. Do you need your shipments to reach their destination quickly? No problem! A number of our partners use daily direct flights.

Our offer of simpler and cheaper postage includes, in addition to international postage, domestic postage, postage optimisation and a c/o service to simplify your administration.


Four excellent reasons for choosing 21 Grams

Flexible. Our offer is tailored to meet your needs. Perhaps you require rapid delivery or want to send direct advertising to a number of countries?

Quick. A number of our partners offer daily direct flights from Sweden.

Secure. Our offer always includes production management and collection of items from your printer.

Inexpensive. There is intense competition between operators and prices can vary considerably. This means that we can offer savings of up to 70 per cent compared with the standard prices available.

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