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International postage

Reduce postage costs on your international mail and parcels.

If you send letters and small parcels with international postage outside Sweden’s borders, there may be significant savings to be made. Even if your international mail is just a small part of your total mail distribution, it may be well worth reviewing the costs. We offer several alternative postal operators.

Both in Sweden and in many other countries, there is a free competition in the postal market. There are currently a number of foreign postal operators that deliver items with international postage from Sweden to the rest of the world, where 21grams has agreements with several of them. Most likely, we can offer a lower international postage rate than what you pay today. Let us calculate it for you.

In some cases, you can make savings of up to 70 percent.

Depending on the country to which you want to send your letters, you will in some cases make savings of up to 70% on your international postage. Do you also need your mail to be delivered really quickly? No problem, several of our partners have express services.

In addition to international postage, our offer to optimize postage also includes domestic postage, postage optimization, office mail and a c/o service where we simplify your postage administration, as well as a number of sorting services.

Four good reasons to choose 21grams

Flexible. We tailor our offer to your needs. Maybe you need express delivery or want to send direct mail to several countries.

Quickly. Several of our partners offer international express services.

Secure. Our offer always includes production management and collection of the mail from the printing house which you use.

Inexpensive. There is an intense competition between operators and prices can vary considerably. We compare and compete so that you can reduce your costs.

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