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Domestic postage

Stronger together. Through 21 Grams you can collectively purchase postage and benefit from larger discounts than you might get on your own.

No matter how skilled a negotiator you are, 21 Grams can, in the vast majority of cases, offer a more advantageous price and larger discounts than those currently available to you, thanks to its large purchase volumes. We can also administer your own agreements with operators. In return, you get a single provider and one invoice for all your postage purchases.

”Stronger together. 21 Grams’ collective purchasing of postage gives you access to the best prices on the market.”

21 Grams has agreements with all major postal operators in the Nordic region. This means fewer providers for those who use 21 Grams’ services. The postal operators we cooperate with include PostNord in Sweden and Denmark, Posti, Bring, Bring Citymail, Morgonpost, Bladkompagniet, Norpost, Jys, DHL and Asendia.

Our offer of simpler and cheaper postage includes, in addition to domestic postage, international postage, postage optimisation and a c/o service to simplify your administration.

Three excellent reasons for choosing 21 Grams

Simplicity. You have access to all major operators in the Nordic region.

Inexpensive. Enjoy larger discounts by collectively purchasing postage alongside our other 1,000 or so customers.

Convenient. One provider and one invoice.

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