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Domestic postage

Through joint purchases of postage, you will get higher discounts.

When you purchase domestic postage through 21grams, you will access higher volume discounts. As we make large purchases of postage, you simply get access to better prices than you will be offered on your own.

No matter how good a negotiator you are, 21grams can offer a more favorable price and bigger discounts than the ones you achieve today, because of our large purchasing volumes. Through us, you will get one supplier and one invoice for all your postage purchases.

Bundled purchases give you access to the best prices on the market.

21grams has agreements with all the major postal operators in the Nordic region, such as PostNord Sweden and Denmark, Posti, Bring Mail Nordic, CityMail, Morgonpost, Bladkompagniet, Norpost, JYS, DHL and Asendia.

Our offer to optimize postage includes several services in addition to domestic postage, such as international postage, postage optimization, office mail and a c/o service that simplifies your administration, as well as several sorting services.


Three good reasons to choose 21grams

Simplicity. You get access to all major operators in the Nordic region.

Inexpensive. Joint purchases of domestic postage for several of our other customers gives you higher discounts.

Convenient. One supplier and one invoice.

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