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Postage optimization

By optimizing your mailings, you will always get the lowest price.

If you send physical letters, you need to keep an eye on the postage costs. When you let us optimize the postage for your mailings, you will get a better control and a lower price. 21grams is a neutral party who always looks for the best conditions for you.

To constantly monitor the postage market to ensure the lowest price can be tough for you as a sender. But we like it – and we can do it. With our pricing terms and our advanced optimization tools, we keep track of it for you. Also, we make sure that you always get the lowest price and the best terms for every mailing. This is what postage optimization is all about.

“Only the minimum is good enough.”

Simply put, we take into account all the parameters that affect postage, from size and weight to regional distribution and sorting rate. We go through all the elements systematically and automatically to minimize the cost as much as possible.

We choose the best of all postal operators’ terms and conditions and monitor them for you for your mailings. Whether it regards invoices, reminders, bank statements or information. Or maybe you send out physical letters in your direct marketing campaigns.

In addition to postage optimization, our offer includes domestic postage, international postage, office mail and a c/o service where we simplify your postage administration, as well as a number of sorting services.

Four good reasons to choose 21grams

Control. We keep control of the entire process. From the contract with the postal operators to the approval of the invoice.

Inexpensive. Postage optimization can give you large savings.

Safe. Thanks to our long experience, we have a true understanding of all parameters that affect the postage costs.

Flexible. We collaborate with all operators on the market to find the best solution for each individual case.

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