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Do you find reading a postage invoice both tedious and somewhat tricky? Do you have difficulty getting the costs to tally with quoted prices or with the mail volumes your business systems have generated? Then you are not alone. If the invoices are sent c/o 21 Grams, then we take care of the follow-up process.

21 Grams’ customers who use postage optimisation through iSort, PostSort or Winjet can easily arrange to have their postage invoices sent c/o 21 Grams. As specialists in the field, and with specially developed follow-up tools, we can quickly and easily determine and check what exactly has been invoiced, as well as contact the distributor in the event of a query.

Supplier invoices from postal operators are reviewed methodically down to item level. This entire process ensures that correct billing has taken place in accordance with agreed price lists and discount terms, and that the items have been sent at the right time.

”We turn hard-to-understand billing documents into simple, clear reports and coherent invoices. ”

You receive a well-presented report from us that also details any complaints or other deviations, together with a coherent invoice for the total cost, instead of several different invoices spread over various customer numbers from different postal operators.

Furthermore, we can produce documents for correct coding of various internal cost centres that are based on precise actual costs for each individual item. This in turn enables consolidation of several individual print routines, which drastically reduces the average cost per item compared to them being produced and posted separately.


Four excellent reasons for choosing 21 Grams

Simple. We convert hard-to-understand billing documents into clear, easy-to-read reports and coherent invoices.

Cost savings. We can calculate what a potential error in production is worth and can notify the relevant provider of it. An overlooked additional discount on a large mailing may mean you are due a significant refund.

Time savings. You no longer need to spend valuable time trying to interpret tricky postage invoices. You also don’t need to contact providers in the event of any deviations. We have the expertise to initiate a dialogue and raise a complaint.

Flexible. Would you like your costs distributed between different departments, systems or authorising managers? Or based on some other parameter? Our cost centre (KST) service enables us to do precisely that.

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