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C/O - Simplified administration

Leave the postage administration to us.

A simplified postage administration. Skip the tedious and time-consuming work of reading and reconciling your postage invoices. If the invoices are sent to C/O 21grams instead, we take care of the entire follow-up procedure for you.

If you use postage optimization through 21grams’ services iSort or PostSort, you can choose to send your postage invoices to C/O 21grams. With our special skills and specially developed follow-up tools, we can quickly and easily read and check what has actually been invoiced. We will also contact the postal operators if there are any questions.

We will methodically go through your postage invoices down to a detailed level and ensure that charges are correct according to agreed price lists and discount terms. We also check that the letters have been sent out on time.

We turn complicated invoice documents into simple, clear and transparent reports.

You receive a clear report from us with eventual complaints or other discrepancies. Then we compile everything in a summarized invoice of the total cost, instead of you having to deal with several different invoices divided into different customer numbers from different postal operators.

In addition, we can produce accounting records sorted for your internal cost centers, based on the exact actual cost of each individual letter. This service is called KST.

In addition to C/O, our postage optimization offer includes international postage, domestic postage, postage optimization and office mail.

Four good reasons to choose 21grams

Simple. We convert complicated invoice documents into clear, easy-to-read reports and transparent invoices.

Cost savings. We calculate the cost of a potential production error and settle it with the supplier. We make sure that you receive the discounts you should have on your mailings.

Time savings. You don’t need to spend valuable time trying to review complicated postage invoices and look for discrepancies.  We have the expertise to initiate a dialogue and raise a complaint to the invoice issuer.

Flexible. Would you like your costs distributed on different departments or cost centers? Or based on any other parameter? Our cost centre (KST) service enables us to do that for you.

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