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PacSort is a unique web based platform that price optimize your e-commerce packets worldwide. Easy and with no hazel.

How does it work?

PacSort is a convenient system for register, validate and to book your e-commerce packets. PacSort gives you full control of all your packet data in one interface. Tracking status, savings, and distribution cost.

Our distribution network

PacSort gives you access and optimize between carriers in our extensive network of last mile distributors worldwide. This way you always get the lowest price without compromising on delivery quality or delivery speed.

What does it cost?

Nothing, PacSort is free of charge. You only pay for the postage.


No matter which carriers being used, we collect all your packets with one pick-up whenever and wherever you want, both domestic and internationally.

Three reasons to choose 21grams and PacSort

Cheaper. Through PacSort you always get access to our lowest possible prices. The software is free of charge.

Convenient. One postage invoice and one pick-up for all your packets. We collect your packets in one shipment and make sure they get delivered to the recipients worldwide.

Secure. All carriers being used are registered postal operators.

Frequently asked questions

Are the parcel deliveries traceable?

Yes, all the deliveries are traceable.

Where will the traceable parcel be delivered?

Directly home, to the mailbox. If the parcel won’t fit in the mailbox, it will be placed in a bag outside the door.

What is the delivery time?

  • First class:  1-2 working days.
  • Economy: 1-4 working days

What dimensions can my parcel have?

  • Format: (L x W x H: 340 x 240 x 70 mm
  • Maximum format: (L+W+H): 900 mm (the longest side must not exceed 600 mm)
  • Weight: up to 5 kg (2 kg internationally)
  • Minimum quantity per shipment: 1 item

Which distributors are being used?

  • Citymail
  • PostNord
  • EarlyBird
  • Asendia
  • Deutsche Post

How do I use PacSort?

PacSort is easy to use.

  1. Log in to the web based platform
  2. Upload an address or a file, directly on the platform or via API.
  3. Choose a format and print your labels.
  4. Book a pick up.
  5. Done!

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