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Sorts and optimizes your mailings for the best possible postage.

Do you or your customers send out larger volumes of physical mail, such as invoices, pension notices, bank statements, or insurance letters? With the optimization service iSort, we will sort and optimize your mailings before they are produced. As a result, you will reduce your postage costs.

Each mail delivery is unique with different recipients and different conditions. By analyzing and thoroughly examining each individual letter, we can calculate the most optimal way to sort the mailing.

The optimization service iSort will always find the most cost-effective distribution for your postal mailings.

iSort is an optimization service that easily integrates into your existing mailing workflows. iSort processes the content, and the smart algorithms test their way to the most advantageous distribution. The calculations simply take into account each individual letter’s recipient address, format, weight and selected distribution day. Then, it will be evaluated against various terms and discounts offered by different postal operators. This will take just a few minutes, and then your mailing is ready to be printed.

In our offer to optimize postage, we also include postage optimization, domestic postage and international postage.

Four good reasons to choose 21grams

Cost savings. Postage optimization means that we calculate prices based on terms from multiple postal operators. This will undoubtedly lower your postage bill.

Flexible. Sorting, optimization, production reports, postcode lists, saving calculations, and enclosure management are some of the features you can have access to.

Fast. iSort boasts outstanding performance, capable of handling even the largest mail shipments. iSort seamlessly integrates with existing real-time workflows for preprocessing before print production.

Smart. Through the iSort optimization service, you gain access to advanced mail sorting technology.

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