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Author: Mikael Bånnsgård, 21grams

PDF format restriction for iMail

21grams cannot and does not guarantee process times, print quality or any other contracted Service Level Agreement if the customer creates and sends unsuitable...

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70% af DM budgettet

Ved en katalogudsendelse eller DM-kampagne, bliver en væsentlig del af budgettet brugt på porto. Disse omkostninger kan nedbringes betragteligt ved at...

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Unifiedpost acquires 21grams

Unifiedpost Group, listed on Euronext in Brussels (UPG) acquires 21grams, with its headquarters in Stockholm and business in Sweden, Norway, Finland and...

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

It is more fun to give than to receive and the need for charity support is always great. Instead of Christmas gifts, we donate money to aid organizations...

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21 Grams acquires Mailworld Group

21 Grams acquires 100% of the shares in Mailworld Group, which includes MailWorld AB and Mailworld Office AB and becomes leader in international and office...

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