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Author: Mikael Bånnsgård, 21grams

21 Grams acquires Mailworld Group

21 Grams acquires 100% of the shares in Mailworld Group, which includes MailWorld AB and Mailworld Office AB and becomes leader in international and office...

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21 Grams acquires Europe Post ApS

21 Grams is excited to announce the acquisition of Europe Post, an international mail company based outside Copenhagen in Denmark. Europe Post was founded...

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Priveq investerar i 21 Grams

21 Grams, outsourcing partner inom fysisk och digital kommunikation, tar in Priveq Investment Fund IV (“Priveq”) som ny delägare med ambition om fortsatt...

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AVS 21 Grams

Have you received a letter, mail shot or publication where we are identified as the sender? Do you have any questions about this mailing? Usually...

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