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21 Grams establishes local office in Norway

Cost efficient and smart solutions for both digital and physical distribution of mail.

The postal technology company 21 Grams establishes a local subsidiary in Norway to strengthen the relation with Norwegian customers and partners. New country manager is Jan Strøm with strong experience from the IT and postal industry.

Based out of Sweden, which was the first country in the world to deregulate the postal market, 21 Grams has become the leading provider of postal technologies and distribution services. Today every second letter, and every fifth e-invoice is handled by one of 21 Grams services. The company has an annual profitable turnover of 65m€, with customers like Google, Shell, Unicef and BMW.

In 2016, the Norwegian postal market was deregulated and actors such as Norpost and Helthjem entered the market of postal distribution alongside Bring. Even if the physical volumes are decreasing, the options for delivering letters are more complex than ever, opening up for new service levels and pricing.
Alongside this a strong wave of digitalization requires companies to handle a hybrid of solutions with both physical and electronic communication channels, such as electronic invoices and digital mailboxes (Digipost).

-“ The Norwegian postal market is finally opened for postal competition and in a time when every third Norwegian has access to a digital mailbox. 21 Grams’ strength lies in our neutrality and ability to make the different options in the market available and easy to access for our customers”, says Stefan Blomqvist, CEO and founder of 21 Grams.

“-Changes happen so fast. Take the example of Vipps that got 2 million users in only 18 months. It is important for us to be present locally and follow our customers to new markets and new distribution channels”, says Jan Strøm, new Country Manager Norway for 21 Grams.

21 Grams cooperates with both leading mail providers and digital distribution channels and has already more than 50 customers and partners in Norway using products like PostSort and iMail.

For further information, please contact:

Stefan Blomqvist, CEO, 21 Grams,
Phone: +46 76 808 21 21
E-mail: stefan.blomqvist@21grams.com

Jan Strøm, Country Manager Norway, 21 Grams
Phone: +47 916 90 917
Email: jan.strom@21grams.com