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We are by no means a paperless society.  Yet more and more of us are opting to receive invoices through digital means. 21grams sends millions of e-invoices to Swedish online banking services each year. And there is no sign of this abating.

Most people still receive physical invoices through the post. The e-invoice, however, is now an established and expanding communication channel, with demand continuing to grow.

21grams is the ideal partner when you want to distribute e-invoices, whether the recipients are private individuals or companies. We are what is known as a Certified Technical Distributor (CTD) in Sweden and we can send e-invoices to online banking services throughout the Nordic region.

”21grams sends millions of e-invoices to Swedish online banking services each year.”

In addition to e-invoices distributed to online banking services, 21grams also delivers e-invoices to companies via operators using the most common formats around, including Svefaktura, Finvoice and EHF. Within the framework of our iMail concept, it is possible to combine a number of our services. In addition to E-invoice and Physical mail, there is also E-archive, E-mail and Digital mailbox.

Three excellent reasons for choosing 21grams

Simple. There are considerable benefits to having a provider who handles all the various communication channels used by your recipients.

Automated. The entire process is automated from start to finish, which means we are able to offer a complete service that is rapid, secure and cost-effective.

Efficient. Distributing e-invoices directly to Swedish online banking services is an efficient option for both you and the customer. It is more secure and more cost-effective than other distribution channels, and more convenient for the customer.

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