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Even though we live in an increasingly digitalised world, there are still a large number of delivery items that come via the actual letterbox. This is why 21grams is offering their Office Mail service.

Every year, two billion letters are posted in Sweden. Most of them are from companies who are delivering goods, invoices, and contracts to their customers. A lot of them are still using the Swedish Postal Service, because they don’t know that there are alternatives which are also both cheaper and smoother.

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Office Mail from 21grams is one of those alternatives. The service ensures the post is collected from your office and delivered to where it’s going. All without you needing to weigh, calculate or frank it, and for at least ten percent cheaper per item than the Postal Service. We also offer daily collection and take care of both domestic and international post.

Regardless of how you choose to manage your post currently, you can change to 21grams Office Services anytime. It’s simple to set up and doesn’t have any hidden costs, nor does it have any contract period or notice period. Ring 21grams today and we can start tomorrow.

Not only is the service flexible and affordable, it’s also environmentally-friendly. Economy post has a lower climate impact than 1st class post, which most often has to be sent by air to arrive by the agreed time. We also choose, wherever possible, suppliers who are climate-compensating for their deliveries.

Four reasons to choose 21grams

Cheaper. You save at least ten percent of the price of economy post and five percent, compared to the Swedish Postal Service

Smoother. We collect your post from your office and make sure it’s delivered to the right place. All you need to do is put your letter in a box.

Saves time. You don’t need to spend time sorting or franking your letters. We take care of all that stuff for you, for free.

Environmentally-friendly. Economy post generates less Co2 emissions than first class, which is more and more often sent by air.

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