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Merry Christmas!

Happy New Year!

The need for charity support is always great. Instead of Christmas presents, we donate money to a few selected aid organizations and their important work.
Hopefully our gifts can contribute to a better life and a nicer Christmas for more people.

Our opening hours during the Christmas, New Year and Epiphany holidays

We are closed during the holidays, but otherwise open.
Telephone hours for support and switchboard are 08.00-17.00 during the days when we are open.

Dec 24 closed (Christmas Eve)
Dec 25 closed (Christmas Day)
Dec 26 closed (Boxing Day)
Dec 27 open
Dec 28 open
Dec 29 open
Dec 30 closed
Dec 31 closed (New Year’s Eve)
Jan 1 closed (New Year’s Day)
Jan 2 open
Jan 3 open
Jan 4 open
Jan 5 open (Epiphany)
Jan 6 closed
Jan 7 closed

From all of us to all of you

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