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iMail template - Germany

Example iMail print

iMail templete

Production zone
This space is allocated for the print production and needs to be cleared from any data or pictures.

Address zone
This space indicate the optimal area of placement for bot the address of the sender, but also for the receiver. If the address is positioned as close to the marked area the information is garanteed to be visible.

Risk zone 
Everything within this marked zone are at risk for being displayed in the windows.




File format

Technical specification – in short

  • File size max 3 Mb
  • Format, A4, 210×297 mm, no bleed
  • Color model, CMYK
  • Fonts, except BASE14 fonts, should be embedded in whole where possible
  • Transparency  shall be avoided at all times
  • Vector images, Complex version of EPS, AI or SVG should be avoided at all times
  • Vector gradients, should be avoided at all times
  • PDF/A and PDF/X1a is supported



The iMail service provides print mailings in neutral white envelopes with two windows.  Here follows information about the envelopes. 

Envelope types:
S65: contains max. 6 sheets (equivalent to 6 simplex pages or 12 duplex pages).

Envelope design:
1. Destination address