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Postage optimization

Sending letters can prove expensive. But how expensive is it, exactly? Is it really possible to make a difference to postage costs? Ask 21 Grams and you are likely to be pleasantly surprised by the answer.

Postage costs have a tendency to get away from you. Most people with businesses that rely on postal distribution are well aware of that fact. But few of us are aware that postage accounts for a full two-thirds of the total cost of our communication with customers through physical mail.

In the wake of postal market deregulation in Sweden and other Nordic countries, there are now good opportunities for changing that. And that is where 21 Grams comes in. We have solid and extensive experience of helping both larger and smaller businesses and organisations to reduce their postage costs. Whether due to invoices, advice notes, account statements or similar documents, or even direct marketing campaigns.

”Postage optimisation was introduced by 21 Grams back in 2004.”

In 2004 we introduced the term ‘postage optimisation’, which means taking into account all parameters that affect postage, from size and weight to regional distribution and level of sorting. We review all aspects systematically and automatically to minimise the cost as far as possible.

Our offer of simpler and cheaper postage includes, in addition to postage optimisation, domestic and international post distribution and a c/o service to simplify your administration.


Four excellent reasons for choosing 21 Grams

Control. We are responsible for the entire chain. From the wording of the postage agreement to invoice authorisation.

Inexpensive. Postage optimisation can deliver huge savings.

Reliable. Thanks to our extensive experience, we are in complete control of all parameters that affect postage costs.

Flexible. We collaborate with all operators on the market to find the best solution in each individual case.

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