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On 4th February 1994 Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt e-mailed American President Bill Clinton. This was the first time that two heads of government had communicated digitally. Today, several million e-mails are sent every second. Handled correctly, e-mail is an efficient distribution channel for business-critical invoice flows. 21 Grams would like to help you.

E-mail, together with e-invoices, is the most requested digital alternative to physical mail among 21 Grams’ customers.

With e-mail you can avoid both printing and envelope insertion. You can also arrange for 21 Grams to distribute invoices, for example, by e-mail in controlled flows. We have extensive experience of handling both smaller daily volumes for business customers and large monthly productions involving the distribution of thousands of invoices by e-mail to private customers.

”Handled correctly, e-mail is an efficient distribution channel for business-critical invoice flows.”

Within the framework of our iMail concept, it is always possible to combine a number of our services. You need only send us a file; we’ll take care of the rest, choosing a distribution channel based on rules set by you and your recipients.

Four excellent reasons for choosing 21 Grams

Simple. We convert your invoice to a PDF document, which is then e-mailed to your customers.

Secure. We have the necessary experience and the system support to be able to send large volumes of e-mails without them being blocked by various security systems en route to the recipient’s inbox.

Flexible. E-mail is an excellent complement to physical mail, and you can combine these and other distribution channels based on the needs and wishes of your customers.

Quick. You do not need to print out the document or put it in an envelope, and it is sent almost instantaneously to the recipient’s inbox.

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